The Sacred Art of Nepal
Online galleries of master paubha painter Dr Renuka Gurung(Pradhan) PhD
Nepalese Paubha Painting Class in Nepal/Overseas

The Paubha is a form of traditional sacred painting practiced in Nepal since the 6th century. The sacred Paubha is painted as a spiritual exercise and used as a medium of veneration and meditation. During the painting process the artist becomes a medium to transform divine wisdom into visual reality, as an aid for self-realization. Painted with mineral pigments on a handmade cotton cloth (canvas) Paubhā is a unique art form where elements of Buddhism and Hinduism are harmoniously depicted.

Renuka learned Paubha painting from one of the Chitrakar Masters and Vajrachārya priests of Nepāl and has established herself as one of the leading masters of traditional Paubhā painting. The Traditional method of Paubhā painting has virtually disappeared in the modern world because of commercialization of traditional arts. Renuka is working towards preservation of Paubhā painting by researching and documenting this traditional painting method as her research thesis in her PhD work at The Prince's school of Traditional Arts, London.She travells the world exhibiting her works, conducting workshops and lectures with an aim to introduce and promote Paubhā. Recently she gave presentations and workshops on Paubhā at the University of Oxford. Renuka's paintings are under various private collections in Nepāl, Russia, USA and Great Britain.

Paubha Painting by Renuka Gurung(Pradhan)

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